Вы любите кино? Многие на этот вопрос ответят положительно. А вы обсуждаете увиденное с вашими друзьями, с семьей? Сейчас часто в кино обращают внимание на спецэффекты и популярных актеров. Но мне хотелось бы пообсуждать с участниками клуба «Диалог» кинофильмы, которые затрагивают важные темы для каждого человека: любовь, дружба, преодоление жизненных преград, предательство, борьба со своими страхами, верность, патриотизм, достижение поставленных целей любыми способами и т. д.

Раз в неделю мы устраиваем встречи с участниками клуба «Диалог». Здесь в качестве примера я выкладываю материалы по фильму “The King’s Speech”. Я предлагаю здесь вам написать отзыв на этот фильм на английском языке. Минимальный отзыв должен быть на 60 слов, но лучше составить текст на 100 слов. Безусловно, здесь вы можете обсуждать, спорить, аргументировать свою точку зрения и т. д. Главное, быть вежливыми и грамотными.

Here are some questions to help you:

  1. Do you like this film? Why?
  2. What is the main idea of the film?
  3. Who is your favourite character? Why?
  4. Would you advise your friends to watch this film? Why?
  5. Is this film based on the real story?

You can add more ideas to your text. And don’t forget about linking words and grammar!

The King’s Speech Trailer

Ниже презентации представлена настоящая речь Георга VI о начале Второй мировой войны. Все ли слова вы помните, которые мы разбирали? Посмотрите презентацию и прослушайте/прочитайте еще раз эту блестящую речь…

Скачать (PPTX, Неизвестный)

The real speech of the king George VI (the text is here)

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  • Михаил

    I have watched this film. I liked this film. This film bases on the real story about the king of England George VI. He was stammered but he couldn’t cure. In 1936 he must be a king. A doctor was healing George. The doctor encouraged the king with the confidence. The making speach on 3.09.39 had a big success amid the citizens of the UK. This film accepted a lot of awards. The film learns us overcome our troubles.

  • Римм Маргарет

    I saw this movie. It is very interesting and instructive. Watching films is a good way to learn English. Thank you Maria Petrovna


    I saw the movie the king’s speech .I liked this film because it is heartfelt and exciting.The main idea of the film is that all the old things do not remain without result. My favorite character is Dr. Lionel Logue because he was loyal to the king. I will recommend this film to my friends because it is interesting.
    The plot of the tape will tell about the Duke, who is preparing to take office of the British king George VI, the father of the current Queen Elizabeth II. After his brother abdicates, the hero reluctantly agrees to the throne. Exhausted by a terrible nervous stutter and doubts about his ability to lead the country, George seeks help from an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue. As a result, the future king, after many trainings, managed to deliver a pre-war speech.

    • Никита

      I saw this film. It very interesting and exciting story about the king of England George VI. The king stuttered and feared of public speaking. But one man helped him with this problem. The film learns us fight with our problems and never give up!

  • Илия Ефремова

    I liked this film because it has a good game of boats, a cool script, there is a sense, a good idea. I believe that the main idea movie the that not need to surrender, to pay attention on problems, always there is man which will help and will support, in this case this wife. Most of all I liked in this film George’s wife. I would advise you to watch this film, it gives hope and teaches you not to give up. I believe that this film is based on real events, that such could be, because we not all ideal. I advise you to watch this film and think about it! So long)
    I liked that Maria Petrovna arranged such a circle, it helps to think, I was not bored. I advise you to come)!

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